27. Jan 2019


On this page, you can find links to download the most current versions of the OnGea System, the OnGea Mobile App and the OnGea Admin Manual.

OnGea System

The OnGea System can be downloaded and installed from GitHub:

Read more about system requirements here.

Installing and setting up an OnGea System is explained in the OnGea Admin Manual that can be downloaded below.

OnGea Mobile App

Since iOS only allows to install apps from the Apple App Store, you need to download the OnGea Mobile App for iOS there; it’s free.
The OnGea Mobile App for Android can be downloaded here:

If you are a developer who wants to build new features for the OnGea Mobile App, you can download the source code at:

OnGea Admin Manual

The OnGea Admin Manual is currently only available in English language. It was written to cover most aspects of running an OnGea System. Some parts are only interesting for the main administrators setting up and running the system. But the manual also provides selections of chapters recommended for

  • people administering youth activities/exchanges in an organisation working with an OnGea System; and
  • people contributing news texts to an OnGea based website channel.

The OnGea Admin Manual can be downloaded below.

Photo © Almut Elhardt.

OnGea Admin Manual 2019-02-01.pdf



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