21. Dec 2018

How to get OnGea

You can either install OnGea on your own server/webspace (it’s free, but a bit complicated) – or you can rent a pre-installed OnGea from our hosting partner.

The OnGea System technically consists of different pieces of software:

  • The main OnGea System is a Drupal-based system, including the OnGea Activity Admin App as integrated module. It needs to be installed on a Linux-based server or webspace that fulfills certain additional requirements.
  • The OnGea Mobile App is a separate piece of software, available in an Android and an iOS version. Participants that want to use it need to install it on their smartphones.

Installing your own OnGea System

We wanted to develop an easy-to-install software. Still, the technologies we needed to give us the features we wanted resulted in a system with quite some requirements, and a installation procedure more complicated that what we had wished for. If you are quite experienced in installing software on Linux based servers/webspace, give it a try: The source code for the OnGea System is available at:

You should also consult the OnGea Manual, available at our downloads page (English language).

Renting a pre-installed OnGea System

There’s also a more comfortable version: Our partners at are offering the hosting of pre-installed OnGea systems. For a one-time installation fee of 90 € plus VAT, and a monthly fee of 4.99 € plus VAT, you get a running system that you can configure quickly to suit your needs. This system includes 10 GB of webspace that you can also use for non-OnGea websites. Additionally, you will need a domain, and an SSL certificate, to make the OnGea system work. This costs like 0.83 € (.de domain) plus 1.67 € (SSL Alpha certificate for one domain) = 2.50 € plus VAT per month. Check the PDF at the bottom of this page for details.

The partnership with and their boss Klaus Jettkant is based on mutual trust and on a win-win situation; there are no financial transactions involved in either direction, except for the regular fees that we pay for our own OnGea installations hosted by (same fees as you would pay). Klaus Jettkant is hosting the websites of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association and of ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. since our associations were founded in 2008 and 2014. So we approached Klaus to develop a reasonable priced offer for pre-installed OnGea systems, making it easier for youth work organisations and networks to quickly get to a working OnGea system, and at the same time giving you a contact person for maintainance and updates.

Installing the OnGea Mobile App

For the OnGea Mobile App, there’s different ways of installation depending on the operating system:

  • The OnGea Mobile App for Android can be downloaded here.
  • Since iOS Apps can only be installed via the Apple App store, you must get the OnGea Mobile App for iOS there; it’s free.

As the OnGea Mobile App is a separate piece of software, it has different version numbers that the rest of the OnGea system (like, OnGea system 1.1 works with OnGea Mobile App 2.2.1+).
The source code for the OnGea Mobile App is available at:

Licence and Pricing

Both the OnGea system and the OnGea mobile app are open source software, published under the EUPL 1.2 licence. You are free to further develop them; we are happy if you inform us about your results, maybe we can add your developments to future official versions of the OnGea tools.

In the PDF linked below, you can find the pricing for the pre-installed hosted OnGea Systems offered by For prices of other domains than .de, please check their general pricelist, starting from page 6 (German language, but easy to understand).


OnGea Basics


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