21. Dec 2018

The OnGea Mobile App

The OnGea Mobile App is a tool for participants of youth activities such as international exchanges. It runs on Android and iOS. Participants can see schedules, maps and travel information for their activity; also, the activity team can send announcements to them.


Yasmin from Malmö wants to travel to the international exchange “Future Lab Young Europe 2020” in Rotterdam, hosted by ROOTS & ROUTES Netherlands (RRNL). Due to the settings that the RRNL admins made in their OnGea system, Yasmin can apply online for that exchange with an online sign-up form. This automatically creates a user account for her. After staff from Yasmin’s Swedish sending organisation has approved her application, she can install the OnGea Mobile App and connect it to the OnGea system used by ROOTS & ROUTES. Now, she can read information provided by the host organisation, she gets access to maps of the most important venues for the Rotterdam exchange, and the Dutch team can send her announcements like “Dinner on the arrival evening has been postponed to 20:30, since some participants are arriving late due to a delayed plane”.


More generalised: To be able to use the OnGea Mobile App for a certain activity, there’s three prerequisites:

  • The OnGea Mobile App user needs to have a user account on the OnGea system that is used to administer that activity. This account can be already existing from previous activities, or it can be created by the organisations involved through the OnGea Activity Admin App, or it can be created by the participant through online sign-up (provided that the host organisation has allowed online sign-up for external persons for this activity).
  • The OnGea Mobile App user needs to be an approved participant of that activity. Depending on the settings that the host organisation makes in the OnGea Activity Admin App, new participants may be automatically approved; or they may need manual approval by a staff member of either their sending organisation or the host organisation first.
  • The organisations involved in that activity need to provide the necessary information for the app. Meaning: Staff of the host organisation needs to type in the schedule and places for the activity into the OnGea Activity Admin App. Either sending or host organisation needs to type in the travel data. Of course, the organisations may decide to only provide some of this information (like, schedule and places, but not travels, since the group travels with an experienced group leader who has all travel information anyhow).

The OnGea Mobile App for Android can be downloaded at our downloads page.
The OnGea Mobile App for iOS is available in the Apple App store.


As the rest of the OnGea system, the OnGea mobile app is open source software, published under the EUPL licence. You are free to further develop the app; we are happy if you inform us about your results, maybe we can add your developments to future official versions of the OnGea Mobile App. The source code for the OnGea Mobile App is available at:


OnGea Basics


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