30. Jan 2019

OnGea 1.1 is there – Welcome to our Testing Zone

After about a month of working and experimenting with OnGea version 1.0 released in the end of December 2018, we found and fixed some more bugs. So, here’s version 1.1; it is more stable than before, and is has some great new features – including the meals list, which will give you a perfect overview of food requirements of your participants for any given meal during an exchange project (of course, provided that the participants, or their sending...


28. Dec 2018

OnGea 1.0 is finally published!

Finally it’s ready! OnGea, the digital toolkit for (international) youth work activities, has been released today in the first stable version 1.0. As with the previously released beta versions, OnGea 1.0 can be freely downloaded and installed. What’s new: Starting from January 2019, our partners at will offer pre-installed OnGea systems for rent. O


26. Dec 2018

OnGea successfully tested for EU Mobility Tool Reporting

Kind of a Christmas present: Today we finally succeeded in reporting an actual project in the EU Mobility Tool with OnGea. This is something like the crowning stone for the OnGea building.