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31.Aug. 2018


ONline GEAr enhancing Youth Work

“Ongea!” means “talk!” or “speak up!” in Kiswahili. The OnGea! project created ONline GEAr to empower and enhance youth work activities; especially international youth exchanges and international networks of youth organisations.

At the heart of the system is the OnGea Activity Admin App, a tool that makes it easier for organisations to prepare for joint youth events, to organize mobilities, to securely share participant data, to automatically generate participant lists, and – in case of EU funded youth exchanges – to prepare participant data for the required reporting in the ERASMUS+ Mobility Tool. Also, export to the Youthpass certification tool will be supported.

This Activity Module also feeds the OnGea Mobile App with information. This app allows participants of youth events and international meetings to plan their arrival, keep track of the program, receive reminders about group meetings and more. The app is available in eleven languages and runs on the operating systems Android and iOS.

The third element of the OnGea ensemble is a website system based on the Drupal content management system. The OnGea Website Channel was tailored especially to the needs of organisations and networks in (international) youth work. It is multilingual, has a customizable design and other features developed jointly by the international project consortium bringing together partners from 10 countries.

The complete OnGea system is provided as an open source tool free of charge for all youth work organisations and networks who want to install it on their own servers or webspace. Pre-installed systems including webspace can be rented, too.

OnGea website system and app were tested and developed from 2016 to 2018 by the project consortium.

Photo from the YAfQRaV Baltrum Exchange 2018, © Francesca Pignanelli

This project contains 2 activities

OnGea Meeting Kaunas


OnGea Meeting Rotterdam



Organisations involved in this project

ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V.


Synergy of Music Theatre



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