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31. Aug 2018


ONline GEAr enhancing Youth Work

“Ongea!” means “talk!” or “speak up!” in Kiswahili. The OnGea! project focussed on creating ONline GEAr to empower and enhance youth work activities; especially international youth exchanges and international networks of youth organisations.
Starting in September 2015, 13 youth work organisations from 10 countries joined forces to develop tools that make it easier to organise youth activities such as international exchanges or youth camps; to communicate with participants; and to reach the public with activity results. In years of sending groups to, and hosting exchanges, the OnGea consortium members have found recurring tasks and challenges related to mobilities of young people. To facilitate those tasks, three main OnGea tools were developed:

1. The OnGea Activity Admin App – a browser-based administrational tool that allows structured exchange of participant data and activity information between sending and host organisations; including the export of lists such as CSV lists for EU Mobility Tool reporting, daily schedules or meals lists specifying how many people with which food requirements join each meal during an activity.

2. The OnGea Mobile App – a smartphone app that serves as a travel companion for exchange participants (available for Android and iOS), giving them access to activity schedules and directions to activity places, and allowing the project team to send them notifications.

3. The OnGea System, based on the open source CMS Drupal, which serves as a database for the two aforementioned applications, and also allows easy creation of a multilingual OnGea Website Channel to publish results of youth activities and exchange projects. The website you are currently visiting was built with a standard OnGea System, with no additional programming.

The OnGea system is available on open source base and can be installed for free by any interested youth work organisation/network on own servers/webspace (technical requirements apply). We also found a webhosting partner who offers pre-installed OnGea systems for rent at reasonable pricing.

The project started with an international kick-off seminar in Heek/Germany in January 2016. There, basic concepts for the OnGea system and mobile app were developed, accessibility criteria and programming standards concerning privacy and connectivity were discussed. Also, feature wishes were collected and prioritized; making clear that we would need an administrative module for sending and host organisations, which later became the OnGea Activity Admin App.

After a year of programming and prototyping, research and online-discussions, the consortium met again at a second meeting in Kaunas/Lithuania in April 2017. Here, the process and the features/priorities list was reviewed and first prototypes of the mobile app and the website system were tested. In this time, the project faced heavy challenges leading to a massive delay of more than a year, and required investment of significantly more resources than originally planned, to get to a good result.

In June 2018, the third and final transnational project meeting took place in Rotterdam/ Netherlands. The project process was discussed and evaluated, translation process was reviewed. We planned the Multiplier Events to come, working with a nicely designed presentation and testable prototypes for computers (browser based) and mobile devices.

After that, Multiplier Events took place in the 10 project countries. They were successful and showed that there was a lot of interest for the OnGea system. In the final project months July and August 2018, programming of a first beta version of the OnGea system was finalised.

The OnGea system has been adopted amongst others by the Generation Europe network: 30 youth work organisations from 15 countries that will implement 30 international youth exchanges in the time from autumn 2018 to autumn 2020.

This project contains 3 activities

OnGea Meeting Rotterdam


OnGea Meeting Kaunas


OnGea Meeting Heek/Germany



Organisations involved in this project

EuroEst Youth Foundation


Brouhaha International


Les Têtes de l’Art


Subjective Values Foundation


Associació Rutes i Origens


Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES Netherlands


Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations


Associazione Centro di Creazione e Cultura


Synergy of Music Theatre


ROOTS & ROUTES International Association


ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V.



This project is funded by

OnGea was funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ as a strategic partnership in the field of youth, and coordinated by ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V.; the development of the OnGea Mobile App was additionally funded by the Youth Ministry of the federal state of North Rhine-Westfalia (MKFFI NRW).


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