28. Dec 2018

OnGea 1.0 is finally published!

Finally it’s ready! OnGea, the digital toolkit for (international) youth work activities, has been released today in the first stable version 1.0. As with the previously released beta versions, OnGea 1.0 can be freely downloaded and installed. What’s new: Starting from January 2019, our partners at will offer pre-installed OnGea systems for rent.

It has been a long journey: The project “OnGea – Online Gear enhancing Youth Work” started off in September 2015 with a consortium of 11 youth work organisations from 10 countries, joined in the wish to develop useful tools for youth work activities, especially for international exchanges. With changes both in the consortium and in the programming teams during the 3 project years, only a beta version of the OnGea system was ready when the project ended in August 2018. But the consortium invested additional resources to make the system work.

“Ongea!” means “talk!” or “speak up!” in Swahili language. The OnGea project aimed to create digital tools to empower and enhance youth work activities; especially international youth exchanges and international networks of youth organisations.

OnGea 1.0 offers three connected tools: The OnGea Activity Admin App that helps host and sending organisations to administer exchange projects; the OnGea Mobile App for participants of these projects, and the OnGea Website Channel to easily build a multilingual website presenting international networks or projects. You can download the source code from the open source platform GitHub and install it on your own server/webspace (technical requirements apply). Or you can rent a pre-installed OnGea system from our partners at at reasonable pricing: The OnGea package costs less than 7 € per month, plus an initial installation fee of 90 €, plus VAT; including one domain with SSL certificate. It contains 10 GB of webspace that can also be used for your other non-OnGea websites; plus also 2.5 GB of e-mail space. Read more about how to get OnGea here.

On this website, we will inform you about the OnGea system, updates and use cases. This website was build entirely with a standard OnGea system, with no additional programming. Have fun with OnGea!

“OnGea – Online Gear enhancing Youth Work” is funded by Erasmus+; the OnGea Mobile App is additionally funded by the Youth Ministry of the federal state of North Rhine-Westfalia.

YAfQRaV Baltrum Exchange – Photo by Penelope Brachou, featuring Anbid Zaman


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