25. Jan 2016


30. Jan 2016

OnGea Meeting Heek/Germany

Transnational Project Meeting #1

The project started with an international kick-off seminar in Heek/Germany in January 2016. There, basic concepts for the OnGea system and mobile app were developed, accessibility criteria and programming standards concerning privacy and connectivity were discussed. Also, feature wishes were collected and prioritized; making clear that we would need an administrative module for sending and host organisations, which later became the OnGea Activity App.

The transnational kick-off seminar in Heek 2016 brought these ends together: The consortium agreed on a basic metaphor for the OnGea Mobile App (IO2): accompanying the mobility of a participant in a youth work activity. Also, the consortium collected basic requirements for the tools to be built, and collected feature wishes.

At this point it became clear that there was demand for features which we couldn’t even have implemented with the originally applied-for production budget, which was more than twice as high as the granted amount. Great ideas such as the cooking tool with recipes specifically for large groups, synchronised with OnGea Activity management where all sending organisations can specify food requirements of their participants (such as vegan, no pork etc), had to be shelved due to limited resources.

Still, we came out of this meeting with a good concept and roadmap for the development of the OnGea System.

Meeting Photo by Dainius Babilas.




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