03. Apr 2017


06. Apr 2017

OnGea Meeting Kaunas

Transnational Project Meeting #2

The Kaunas 2017 meeting combined prototype testing, discussion and feedback; reviewing the priorities defined at the Heek meeting in the light of the programming done so far, of the limited resources and of changes in the digital media world; and making a roadmap for the second half of the project. Also, each consortium partner (except umbrella organisation RRIA) shortly presented upcoming exchanges where the OnGea tools (or their prototypes) would be tested; and exlained which aspects of the system would be tested.

Together with the team of app programming subcontractor Railslove, the first prototype of the OnGea Mobile App was tested; changes and possible additional features where discussed. The consortium confirmed the plan not to put community functionality into this app, since experience showed that most young people will only use the big community apps that they are used to, and where most of their friends are active, too.

Photo by Dainius Babilas



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