10. Jun 2018


13. Jun 2018

OnGea Meeting Rotterdam

Transnational Project Meeting #3

In June 2018, the third and final OnGea transnational project meeting took place in Rotterdam/ Netherlands. The project process was discussed and evaluated, translation process was reviewed. Prototype testing results from international exchange projects were collected, new versions of the prototypes were tested by the consortium, and dissemination plans were made.

The PowerPoint presentation created for presenting the OnGea system at the Multiplier events was presented, discussed, and feedback for improvement was collected. Multiplier Event were planned in detail, including template invitations. Also, an interim website presenting the OnGea tools was planned (and later implemented on, before the actual OnGea presentation website went online at the same address). Also, final narrative and financial reporting was planned.

Meeting photo by Dainius Babilas.



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