26. Dec 2018

OnGea successfully tested for EU Mobility Tool Reporting

Kind of a Christmas present: Today we finally succeeded in reporting an actual project in the EU Mobility Tool with OnGea. This is something like the crowning stone for the OnGea building. If you have ever worked with the EU Mobility Tool, you may understand our excitement :-)

The EU Mobility Tool is compulsory for reporting projects such as Erasmus+ funded youth exchanges. For such a report, you either have to create a mobility for every single participant in the EU Mobility Tool, with quite some information – or you can try to prepare a Excel/CSV sheet and import it. This sheet has 120 columns; yep, 120 data fields per person. Most of them can remain empty, some of them need to contain very specific content to not get an error during import. Also, special characters (like Hungarian or German umlauts) are easily messed up by the system. But hey, after long testing we succeeded!

We used a real project – our international exchange “Young Arts for Queer Rights and Visibility” (#YAfQRaV – formerly called “Same Love, Same Rights”) that ran from October 31st to November 16th, 2018, on Northsea island Baltrum. For all 54 people in this project – participants, group leaders and other team members – profiles and mobilities were created in OnGea. Then, we exported the CSV list from OnGea and imported it into the EU Mobility Tool. This was something that we could not test before all the other components of the OnGea system were working really well; and it took a full month to finetune it to really work error free (and yes, we will have to adapt and finetune again the next time the EU will update the Mobility Tool ... but we are prepared). The happier we were that it worked in the end.

Trial and Error: Importing OnGea lists into the EU Mobility Tool

If you want to know more about the project, you can watch a 7 minute documentary here, beautifully made by film maker Jasper Spobeck:

The big picture above also comes from the #YAfQRaV exchange: It’s the final power circle before the public performance and presentation in Cologne on November 15th, 2018; Photo by Almut Elhardt.


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