21. Dec 2018

The OnGea Website Channel

The OnGea System allows you to easily create a multilingual website, presenting for example an international network or project. You can use it to publicly show your projects and activities, and the organisations involved. Additionally, you can create news pages; and static pages for information of permanent relevance.

As an example of what OnGea can be used for, this website was completely build with the OnGea system; using only the available options of a standard OnGea installation, with no additional programming work.

The current OnGea 1.1 system allows to generate one multilingual website channel. The plan for OnGea 2.0 is to support multiple OnGea Website Channels; so that an international network could share one OnGea installation, generating individual websites for each member organisation: With a slightly individualised appearance (own header and logo per organisation), and an individual selection of content and available languages.

The OnGea System uses the open source CMS Drupal as fundament for both the OnGea Website Channel, and for the general database and rights management of the OnGea system.


OnGea Basics


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