30. Jan 2019

OnGea 1.1 is there – Welcome to our Testing Zone

After about a month of working and experimenting with OnGea version 1.0 released in the end of December 2018, we found and fixed some more bugs. So, here’s version 1.1; it is more stable than before, and is has some great new features – including the meals list, which will give you a perfect overview of food requirements of your participants for any given meal during an exchange project (of course, provided that the participants, or their sending organisations, have entered their requirements into the OnGea system). So, for one meal, it could look like this:

OnGea Meals List

Also, our testing server is up and running: On, anybody interested in getting an own OnGea system can do some live testing in advance. Just e-mail us at to get a login.

Photo from the Art4Act Baltrum Exchange 2017, © Gabriele Cinti


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