21. Dec 2018

What is OnGea?

OnGea is a free open source digital toolkit developed to support logistical aspects of youth activities; especially (but not exclusively) of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 funded youth exchanges. It contains a core system and database; a public website channel; a administrative app for host and sending organisations; and a mobile app for participants.

In years of sending groups and hosting exchanges, we have found some recurring administrative tasks that we wanted to simplify. Also, we wanted an app that allows a more structured communication to exchange participants than messenger apps do. Finally, we wanted to update our multilingual website system that we had developed since 2007 and make it available for everybody. OnGea links all these aspects into one coherent open source system that you can install on your own webspace for free – without having to use apps and cloud services that may not comply with current data protection legislation.

“OnGea – Online Gear enhancing Youth Work” is also the name of the 3-year project that developed the OnGea toolkit: An Erasmus+ funded strategic partnership of youth work organisations in 10 countries, mostly members of the international ROOTS & ROUTES network, and coordinated by ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne. The development of the OnGea Mobile App was additionally funded by the Youth Ministry of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westfalia.

Find more about OnGea on this website, which was completely built with a regular OnGea installation.

Check the diagram below for a first glimpse at the components of the OnGea system, and their respective target groups.

OnGea Components Diagram


OnGea Basics


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